Your one-stop for automotive machining.
Our highly skilled machinists perform all machine work in house, with nothing outsourced. We have experience in most engines from the early 1900s to present day (including both foreign and domestic). Below are a few of the common machining services we offer.

  • Cylinder Boring
    We are capable of boring any engine block from small ATV cylinders to large diesel and industrial blocks using our Berco automated boring machine.

    Boring Prior to honing ensures a perfectly true cylinder for the hone to finish.

  • Resurfacing and Blueprint Decking
    We have the tooling and ability to deck and blueprint blocks to correct imperfections during manufacturing.
  • Crankshaft Grinding
    After regular use or bearing failure, crankshaft journals must be machined to restore original condition.

    Our Van Norman crankshaft grinder is capabable of machining crankshafts up to 77" in length. We also have the ability to straighten crankshafts that have become distorted during use.

  • Balancing
    We have the ability to fully digitally balance any rotating assembly.

    Our state-of-the-art balancing machinery allows us to balance engines to tolerances twice as close as OEM factory setups. For any performance engine, balancing is a must to ensure longevity and free up any power lost by imbalance.

  • Valve Seat and Guide Machining
    One of the most critical aspects of engine building lies in the valve and seat.

    Our skilled machinists grind every valve and every seat to exacting specifications, increasing performance and reliability of the engine.

  • Line Boring
    Our state-of-the-art line boring machine allows us to correct main cap alignment, perform cam tunneling, and machine anqique engines to accept modern insert bearings (such as Model A Ford engines).
  • Pressure Testing
    We have the ability to check all cast iron and aluminum heads and blocks for cracks.

    We can handle small heads on up to large diesel blocks and cylinder heads.

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