Complete Engine Restoration
We specialize in restoring your original engine to better than new condition. In a classic car, originality is key. We have the equipment and the knowledge to accuratly restore your classic engine. From early model Packards and Lycoming engines to the large cubic-inch muscle car powerplants of the 1960s we take the time to accuratly research and restore your engine to its original condition.

Willys/Jeep Engine Remanufacturing

We offer one of the only full remanufacturing programs for Willys engines in the country. MDR will completely remanufacture your Willys/Jeep engine to better than new condition.

L-134 "Go-Devil" Flathead
L6-226 "Super Hurricane" Inline 6
F-134 "Hurricane" F-head

Custom Build-To-Order Crate Engines

Addressing the needs of the modern street performance enthusiast, we have built a complete line of crate engines. These engines are all 100% brand-new. Below are some of our most popular models.

  • Chevrolet 327, "Classic Performer"
    An exact reproduction of the original Corvette 327/365 hp engine with the correct Duntov 30-30 camshaft.
  • Chevrolet 383 "All-Iron" Stroker
    Starting with a fresh block straight from GM, this powerful Dart-headed engine builds 450hp.
  • Chevrolet 565 "Street Performance" Big Block
    All out performance for your street car, this engine is built using a Iron block from World Products and Profiler aluminum heads--building just over 750 hp!
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